Lake Merritt United Methodist Church

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church is located at the southeast end of Lake Merritt.  The entrance is on Lakeshore Avenue where there is street parking.  

Beware of parking restrictions and pay close attention to street signage so that you do not park in a 2 hour parking zone as there are on many such streets in the immediate vicinity of the church.  Streets where all day parking is permissible include Lakeshore (directly in front of the church), Lake Merritt Blvd. (end of the lake near the church), E 12th (one side and not the other), 13th, 2nd Ave, E 10th, 4th & 5th.  There is also a parking garage available on Madison between 12th & 13th.

*Please allow extra time to find parking, carpool, or take public transportation to the event.


San Francisco, California

(949) 338-6999



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